Special Function Forms


Guests ARE subject to a criminal background check prior to access onto the installation. Guests with unfavorable information WILL BE DENIED access to the installation.



Sponsorship allows approved individuals affiliated with Department of Defense (DoD) to take responsibility for verifying and authorizing an applicant’s need for a Visitor Pass or Bellows Special Function Guest List. A Visitor Pass can be acquired from our Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) located at Bldg. 220/Reservations between the hours of 0800 – 2200. From 2200 – 0800 a Visitor Pass may be obtained from the Installation Gate. You must complete a Special Function Agreement with our BDOC personnel to be granted a Special Function Guest List for applicable areas/events.


All DoD Active Duty, Retired, Guard, Reserve, Contractors, and Dependent personnel possessing a Common Access Card (CAC) or Uniformed Services Identification Card.


Escort authority allows an individual, with an authorized form of identification that certifies he/she has been successfully identity proofed and favorably vetted, to vouch for any vehicle occupants (up to 10 personnel per DoD ID Cardholder) entering the installation or pedestrians if walking through a pedestrian gate, and escort them onto an installation without identity proofing, vetting or pass issuance. This is widely known as the Trusted Traveler procedure. Trusted Traveler procedures are conducted between the hours of 0800 – 2200 for Bellows AFS.


All DoD Active Duty, Retired, Guard, Reserve, and Dependent personnel possessing a CAC or Uniformed Services Identification Card. *NOTE: DoD ID Cardholders are not authorized escort authorities to vouch for non-US individuals to include those with foreign passports or ID credentials. Lastly, Foreign National Affiliates with a U.S. DoD CAC and DoD Contractors are not authorized escort authority.


All guests over the age of 16 are required to have an authorized form of identification on their person at all times while on Bellows AFS property.

Please read information on the REAL ID Act.


  • DoD ID Cardholders with Foreign National Guests are required to make prior contact with Security Forces 60 days prior to visit.  This is to ensure they are properly vetted and approved for the visit/stay.  Please contact our Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) at (808) 448-4916 or (808) 259-4200 to inquire about your Foreign National Guest.
  •  If our BDOC personnel inform you (the sponsor) to submit a Foreign National Guest Request, you must also send the following applicable scanned documents from your military e-mail and/or provide proof of Dependent/Guard/Reserve/Retired status:
    • Foreign Passport, Foreign Passport with temporary (I-551 or I-94 stamp),
    • (US) Visa, Permanent Resident Card/Alien Registration Card (Form I-551)
    • Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766)
    • Invitational Travel Orders (ITOs)
    • Any other US form-related documents

E-mail to Security Forces at:


SUBJECT: Foreign National Guest Request

(Please allow up to 2 – 3 duty days for a response.)


May I have a Special Function at my cabin or condo?

Due to fire code restrictions Special Functions Agreements for events in the cabin and condo areas will not be accepted. You must rent a facility for your special function.

May I have My wedding at Bellows?

Weddings are NOT allowed unless renting a facility for the ceremony and must be conducted near your function.